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BORT Stabilo® Lumbar Back Brace

- Lumbar brace with integrated plastic pelvic girdle to secure the LV 1 – LV 5 segments
- Continuously adjustable stabilisation of the lumbar spine using Boa-technology (strap system)
- Integrated lumbar support with abdominal closing plate

COLOUR: grey/black

- Rotation of the lumbar spine is effectively restricted
- Modular design: Reversible according to the course of therapy
- Easily adjustable: Setting lumbar lordosis possible via cold deformation
  • Major lumboischialgia without absolute indication for surgery
  • when surgery is contraindicated
  • when surgery is rejected
  • major radicular and pseudo radicular lumbar syndrome (cautionary, therapy-resistant)
  • spondylolisthesis with severe lumboischialgia
  • severe lumbar deformity with hypermobility associated with Facet Syndrome / Osteoarthritis
  • condition after spine surgery
  • i.e. dorso-ventral/dorso-lateral fusion
  • spinal column compression (single level with deformity and multi-level)
  • thoracic- surgery with severe prolapse / lumbar instability
  • spinal canal stenosis with paresis
  • post-traumatic vertebral fractures with significant spinal damag
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BORT Stabilo® Lumbar Back Brace


BORT Stabilogen® Sport

Patella fixation support with silicone pad for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint.

Prominent elevations specifically seated on Hoffa’s fat pads

– Anatomically interlocking seat for improved patella tracking and pressure relief for tibial tuberosity
– Improved proprioception by stimulating the patella tendon

Prominently noduled surface around the suprapatellar recess

– Circulation stimulation function - improves lymph drainage around the suprapatellar recess
– Improved proprioceptive effect on the quadriceps tendon

Heart-shaped patella recess

– Heart-shaped approximation to anatomically varying patella forms improves the pad’s fit and supports patella tracking in the bearing

Mode of action according to the tape principle

Compression of the support sheath

The elastic and compressed knitted fabric (compression class II) results in optimised compression.

Function of the anchor straps

The anchor points work in combination with an increased circular compression on the proximal and distal sections of the knitted fabric - comparable with the anchor straps of a conventional tape.

Central functional principle

Silicone-coated cross restraints placed directly onto the skin cause the muscles to move, thus providing relief to the injured muscle area.

Function window

Loosely knitted expansion area to enable maximum approximation of the injured muscle percentage via the lesion.

Maximum relief at the intersection

The intersection of the straps is positioned over the muscle injury. Here, maximum relief takes place with simultaneous compression of the injured area.

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As a family run company we consistently aim for quality. Each of our products is the result of years of experience and the indepth knowledge of doctors, therapists and orthopaedic technicians. BORT supports and braces stand out thanks to their therapeutic effect. They also have characteristics that meet specific needs, as well as other specifications that are carefully researched to focus on practicality and their components. They are calibrated each time according to the patient’s needs.