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BORT Dorsal Intrinsic Plus Splint (D.I.P.S.)

- Wrist splint for immobilisation with finger fixation
- Ideal pre-forming of the splint in Intrinsic Plus position
-25° wrist extension
- 70° metacarpophalangeal flexion
- Two elastic Velcro fasteners in the lower arm region, respectively a non-elastic Velcro fastening in the metacarpophalangeal joint area of the hand as well as the phalanx area
- Continuously softly padded on both sides, ideally comfortable to wear
- Easy post-operative use due to anatomical pre-forming

COLOUR: black

- Immobilising dorsal attachment
- Post-operative fast and safe attachment
- Avoidance of contractures of the long fingers
- Early mobilisation of the long fingers possible via fist closure
- Stretching the long fingers in the central and interphalangeal joints with Velcro for wearing at night-time
  • Pre-operative
  • post-operative
  • post-traumatic
  • e. g. metacarpus and proximal finger phalanx in the area of the long fingers (e.g. a boxer fracture)
  • ligament lesions in the long fingers in the proximiti of the metacarpophalangeal joints
  • injuries and diseases which make the immobilisation of long fingers necessary (for example infections)
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BORT Dorsal Intrinsic Plus Splint (D.I.P.S.)


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