Little heroes need good support

Supports relieve, protect & support.
Supports and braces

Supports and braces

BORT Cervical Support

- Anatomical cervical support for stabilisation of cervical spine
- Soft, open-pored foam
- With recess for larynx
- Adjustable Velcro fastening

COLOUR: blue

- Can be worn day and night
- Particularly rounded edges
- Skin-friendly 100% cotton cover
REF127260 KIDS

BORT OmoBasic® acc. to Gilchrist

- Open shoulder/arm adduction brace for immobilisation of the shoulder joint
- Stabilising strapping system ensures secure fit and immobilisation of the arm in the adduction position
- Soft, tension-resistant straps

COLOUR: blue

- Flexible hand and arm adjustment
- Easy access to the surgical area to allow for wound care
- Skin-friendly
REF121350 KIDS

BORT Clavicle Support

- Backpack support
- Soft padded straps
- Three Velcro fastenings, individually adjustable, ensure an ideal blockage

COLOUR: blue

- Conforms ideally to the body's contours, especially in the critical armpit area
- Comfortable to wear
- Skin-friendly
- Can be worn day and night
REF121700 KIDS

BORT DigiSoft® Finger Brace

- Finger brace for immobilisation of interphalangeal joints
- Adjustable aluminium splint with soft padding

COLOUR: grey

- Immobilisation of either one or two fingers
- Dorsal fitting possible after remodelling
- Velcro fasteners, on metacarpals and fingers can be positioned as required
REF112770 KIDS

BORT SellaTex® Classic

- Wrist brace with additional immobilisation of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb
- Palm and dorsal splints to stabilise wrist and metacarpus
- Adjustable thumb element
- Length: approx. 17 cm (6.7 inches)

COLOUR: grey

- Slip-on aid
- Comfortable to wear
- Stabilo® Strap

REF112050 KIDS

BORT ManuStabil® short

- Rigid wrist brace with palm and dorsal reinforcement splints, individually shaped
- Short design
- Length: approx. 17cm (6.7 inches)

COLOUR: grey

- Stabilo® Strap for effective stabilisation of the wrist
- Breathable material provides optimal comfort
- Can also be worn at night
REF112730 KIDS

BORT StabiloFix®

- Corset for correcting the posture of the thoracic spine
- Soft, non-elastic strap material

COLOUR: blue

- Fastening in the chest area makes it possible to put on/remove the item independently
- Conforms perfectly to the body contours, especially in the critical armpit area
- Fitted with tucks to enable straps to be shortened easily
- Latex-free
REF104600 KIDS

BORT Osgood-Schlatter Knee Support

- Knee support for local decompression of tibial tuberosity
- SOFTflex knitted fabric for more elasticity, stability and very comfortable to wear
- Anatomically contoured knit
- Multi-zone silicone pad
- One lateral spiral stay on each side
- Compression class II

COLOUR: blue

- Velvety soft surface structure, creating very pleasant wearing comfort
- Highly elastic bending zone, also protects the popliteal fossa when worn for longer periods
- Adjustable setting using V-shaped strap correction
REF114510 KIDS

BORT StabiloGen® Eco

- Classical knee support for compression of soft tissues for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint
- SOFTflex knitted fabric for more elasticity, stability and very comfortable to wear
- One lateral spiral stay on each side
- Viscoelastic pad
- Compression class II

COLOUR: blue

- Velvety soft surface structure
- Highly elastic bending zone, also protects the popliteal fossa when worn for longer periods
REF114520 KIDS

BORT Stabilo® Knee Support with Articulated Joint

- Knee support with side joint splints for guidance of the knee joint
- Viscoelastic pad
- Circular fastening straps on the thigh and lower leg
- Anatomically contoured knit
- Compression class II

COLOUR: silver

- Extension limit at 0°
- Individually mouldable joint splints
REF150140 KIDS

BORT Immobilisation Splint with Patella Recess

- Knee brace for immobilisation of the knee joint with a 0°and/or 20° flexion
- 3-piece with open patella
- Median and lateral aluminium splints, which can be freely positioned
- Length: 38 cm (14.9 inches)

COLOUR: black

- The support adapts to body shape thanks to a 3-piece design
- Lined with terry cloth on the inside for excellent comfort
- The aluminium splints can be removed for washing
REF145000 KIDS

BORT Helix S Spiraldynamik® Lower Ankle Support

- Ankle bandage to support torsion of the back of the foot and to raise the instep
- Thin, elastic straps
- 3-D contoured knit
- Two silicone pads
- Extra soft, snag proof material edge at the calf

Colour: black

- Stabilisation of the ankle and activation of foot muscles through compression
- Functional supportive restraint in the case of classical foot deformities (i.e. splayfoot)
- Angenehmer Tragekomfort auch bei hoher Aktivität
- Separate slip-on aid included
REF053200 KIDS

BORT TaloStabil® Eco

- Active ankle support for compression of soft tissues
- SOFTflex knitted fabric for more elasticity, stability and very comfortable to wear
- Two silicone pads for intermittent massage
- Compression class II

COLOUR: blue

- Velvety soft surface structure
- Pressure relief at the base of the ankle
REF054600 KIDS

BORT MalleoStabil® Brace

- Combined Air/Gel brace and foam pad to stabilise the ankle, while limiting pronation and supination

COLOUR: black

- No impairment when walking
- Easy to put on thanks to circular Velcro fastening
REF100500 KIDS

BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT-Brace

No product information available.
REF100520 KIDS

BORT MalleoStabil® GEL Brace

No product information available.
REF100540 KIDS


- Soft ankle brace for stabilisation of the lower and upper ankle joints
- Bilateral shells padded with soft memory foam
- Cross restraint featuring DynamicForce-Control (DFC) technology
- Elastic material that carries away moisture

COLOUR: black

- Slim design
- Can be worn without difficulty with sports and walking shoes
- Limitation of talus prolapse with optimal stabilisation
- For positioning the ankle in pronation or supination
REF054800 KIDS

BORT Heel Lift made of Silicone

- Silicone heel lift to compensate differences in leg-length
- Made of durable silicone
- Heights: 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm (0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 inches)
- Pack: Single item

- Non-slip
- Fits any kind of shoe
- Hygienic
REF930200 KIDS


Products for the large and small

Whether a support or brace – all products from BORT incorporate many years’ experience and the comprehensive know-how of doctors, therapists and orthopaedic technicians. Therefore, children also profit from our expertise in the adult area.

Best protection for little joints.

Our BORT KIDS supports and braces were developed specially for children’s anatomy. Specially good wearing comfort with maximum freedom of movement are provided with a perfect fit for wellbeing when playing, crafting or painting.


Easy attachment supports the motivation for daily wear. The aids are in a colourful design which is suitable for children and meet all the requirements which enable the small patients’ joints to become healthy again.


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