BORT GmbH - a company portrait

In 1981, with Irmgard, Rudi Bort and three part-time employees at rented premises in Schorndorf. Today, BORT GmbH develops, manufactures and sells high-quality medical products, in particular supports and braces, the majority of which are prescribed by doctors and refunded to patients by the health insurance companies.

A staff of approximately 95, including a 26-strong sales team, is currently employed at the company's headquarters in Weinstadt. A further 250 employees, based at two further locations in Germany, manufacture some 93 percent of the total of 500 medical products developed and sold by BORT.

The company's current management team of Rudi Bort, Wolfgang Bort and Ewald Dambacher agrees: "We want our staff to be happy and to enjoy working in the company" - this attitude towards staff has a strong influence on how colleagues interact in the company and is reflected by real action accompanied by extremely low staff fluctuation. Many staff members have already celebrated 20 years of service at BORT.

And not only the management and staff enjoy the positive development of this medium-sized company - the town of Weinstadt is also delighted to have a company such as BORT and welcomes the style of "care for the future" for which senior director Rudi Bort is renowned. In December 2002, BORT acquired an adjoining 11,000 square metre premises to provide for future expansion of the company's headquarters.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new building took place in July 2012. In 2014 BORT moved into a new building with 25,000 m² space for administration, development and distribution.