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Heel spur

The most frequent lower heel spur is a painful osseous proliferation of the calcaneus. Increased burden triggers irritation of the tendon fibres, causing new bone formation at the heel bone. The new pressure burden can result in inflammation of the surrounding tissue.  The heel spur is promoted by excess weight, poor footwear, permanent overburdening and foot dislocation. Selective, stabbing pain on the underside of the heel is described, which can work its way up to the thigh.

The more seldom upper heel spur proliferates on the rear calcaneus in the area of the Achilles tendon. Load-dependent pain at the end of the Achilles tendon is typical for this.

We recommend wearing insoles, heel cushions with holes, gel insoles with a soft footbed and reduction of the burden. Furthermore, it is advisable to reduce weight in case of excess weight.

In case of persistent complaints, you should consult a doctor.

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