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Hand complaints

Throughout the course of human development, virtually no other part of the body has had such a major influence on our lives as our hands. Scientists have proven that they have contributed directly to the development and enlargement of our brain. This can still be observed in babies as they quite literally "grasp" their surroundings by touching, feeling and feeling objects. If, for example, we also observe what watch makers, weight lifters or artists achieve and create using their hands, we can rightfully refer to them as one of nature's masterpieces. In particular, the wrist and thumb can suffer severe functional impairment due to high levels of strain, wear or injuries. There are numerous possible causes. The following overview describes the most common diseases and their backgrounds in brief:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The median nerve is jammed in the carpal tunnel of the wrist (tube-like passageway). Typical symptoms include tingling in the fingers, loss of strength in the hand and pain extending up to the arm at night.

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Saddle joint arthrosis

Damage to or loss of articular cartilage in the thumb saddle joint due to wear. Free, painless movement of the thumb is no longer possible. The joint gap has become narrower. During the final stages of arthrosis, the saddle joint and the entire thumb are deformed.

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Trigger finger

A disease caused by wear. Painful snapping of the fingers; in most cases also a tendon sheath problem.

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Inflammation of the tendon sheaths causing severe stabbing or twinging pain as a result of long-term overstraining of the wrists.

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Ski thumb

Mostly caused by sports injuries. Overstretching or tearing of the ulnar collateral ligament on the thumb basal joint.

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Ligament injuries

Injuries to the flexor or extensor tendons in the finger or wrist caused by accidents.

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Drop hand

Paralysis of the nervus radialis in the lower arm (radial nerve in the arm). This paralysis is generally caused by pressure damage to the nerve running around the upper arm. In addition, patients may experience sensory impairment on the radial side of the lower arm and on the rear of the thumb.

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