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Arm complaints

The human arm – also described in medical terminology as a (free) upper extremity – is the transformation/evolution of the front legs on animals to a gripping tool. However, its pendulum movement also serves as a balancing mechanism for upright walking. The human upper extremity enjoys the greatest freedom of movement of all parts of the body whose functional capability is determined by the flexibility of the shoulder and elbow joints, of the bones in the lower arm relative to one another, of the wrist and consequently the wrist and finger joints. There are numerous causes for arm complaints. The following overview describes the most common diseases and their backgrounds in brief:

Cubital tunnel / Sulcus ulnaris syndrome

Compression of the ulnar nerve, which can lead to functional impairment of hand movement and pain on the outer side of the arm (ulnar side) in the area of the lower arm and of the hand.

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Inflammation of the bursa which occurs as a result of injuries, infections or long term inflammatory conditions, primarily developed in the elbows. Acute bursitis is extremely painful and associated with a noticeable swelling and reddening in the area around the elbow joint. In chronic cases no pain is incurred normally, merely slight swelling can be established.

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Epicondylitis (tennis or golf arm)

Painful laceration at the tendon attachments on the muscles of the lower arm, which occur as a result of overstraining the lower arm musculature. Symptoms include pressure pain in the muscles affected as well as radiating, twinging pains throughout the lower arm; initially only when the arm is strained; during the intermediate stage also without straining the arm and loss of strength.

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