BORT DynamicFX back brace

Back braces are prescribed for prophylaxis against osteoporotic vertebral fractures in order to straighten the upper body and to relieve the vertebral bodies at the anterior. Moreover, braces hinder vertebral extreme movements and are used both for established fractures within the scope of a purely conservative therapy and as a post-operative accompaniment.

BORT DynamicFX back brace - the more effective brace mobilises you

To date, commercially available brace systems have been characterised by a relatively fixed overall concept. The fully new style back brace BORT DynamicFX developed with the renowned specialist doctor for orthopaedics Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli is different because its flexibly adjustable functional components do not immobilise. The intensity of the dynamics can be selected according to the respective degree of stabilisation from five differently strong springs; the spring elements can be exchanged easily without any problems at all times.

The stance correction is based on a biofeedback mechanism which dynamically straightens up the patient’s upper body using shoulder straps. Here, the muscoskeletal system is not restricted - muscular activities are supported, accompanied and used.

The BORT DynamicFX back brace provides patients the security to master everyday life in the long-term and is highly versatile in its therapeutic application.

The function and effectiveness of the BORT DynamicFX back brace has been examined and confirmed by the Spine Institute ProSpine within the scope of a study of in-patient hospital stays. The straightening forces of the BORT DynamicFX back brace were also proven during the course of a scientific examination by SpineServ GmbH & Co. KG in Ulm. You can download both studies here.

We would also be happy to send you the studies upon request.

BORT DorsoFX back brace

Various illnesses and injuries of the intervertebral disc or the spine make the immobilisation of the sections of the spine affected necessary.

The BORT DorsoFX was specially developed for this purpose. Its innovative, modular system consists of three components which support optimal stabilisation of the spine with their special form and orientation. The modular components pelvic girdle clasp, chest clasp and basic back plate can be combined virtually as desired and can be interconnected safely and without graduation using push-pull adapters.

Optimised fit is the basis for high patient compliance and motivation for the patient to wear the brace over the therapeutically required period until the brace is discarded.

Can be downgraded module-based - from the frame brace to the basic back support

Depending on the indicated course of therapy, the stable plastic elements of the BORT DorsoFX can be downgraded to a functional lumbar basic back support with just a few grips. From a therapeutic view, this opens a functional mobilisation of the thoracic segments.

Study – function and effectiveness

Within the scope of a study by the Spine Institute ProSpine, the stabilisation function of the BORT DorsoFX back brace was checked and confirmed. You can download this study here. 

We would also be happy to send you the study upon request.

BORT DAFO braces - new means of care

At the beginning of 2010, BORT took over the sales of orthotic children’s special products from the company Cascade Dafo from the USA.

The care of children requires a particularly high degree of attention from technicians, therapists and doctors. For the optimisation of therapeutic results within the scope of aiding therapy, it is possible to realise important targets such as the maintenance and increase of mobility or the correction of joint dislocations.

The BORT DAFO system offers thin, flexibly contoured braces which improve the perception and alignment of the foot with extensive, circular grasping cuts.

Motoric deficits such as coordination disturbances can only be improved by practising and learning physiological movement patterns. This is also possible via activity or movement. The mobility restriction through DAFOs should therefore be kept as low as possible. BORT DAFOs are very light and flexible - they only offer support and holding where it makes therapeutic sense and is really necessary.

Where prompt, fast orthotic children’s aiding therapy with DAFOs is required, immediate care with ready-made JumpStart braces can be provided. These braces consist of two shells which fit precisely into each other: one transparent brace shell and one blue container. This combination surrounds the middle and back of the foot circularly and stabilises the heel. Here, you can select from 21 sizes and two breadths with a foot length ranging from 10.2 cm to 22.9 cm. This comprehensive range is available with three different degrees of stabilisation or brace heights.

Individually fabricated DAFOs according to plaster cast are a further care concept. Dependent on the individual requirements and dependent on the care target, 18 different construction variants can be selected. Each individual brace is fabricated precisely in accordance with customer requirements.

The care range extends from the correction of slight pronation dislocation of the foot to the limitation of considerable overstretching of the knee joint, also combined with an unstable ankle joint or equinus component.

The integration of state-of -the-art technology in the manufacturing process allows special shops to grant 90 days’ guarantee. This guarantee includes the function, fit and workmanship as well as the replacement with a different brace model.