BORT DorsoFX back brace

Various illnesses and injuries of the intervertebral disc or the spine make the immobilisation of the sections of the spine affected necessary.

The BORT DorsoFX was specially developed for this purpose. Its innovative, modular system consists of three components which support optimal stabilisation of the spine with their special form and orientation. The modular components pelvic girdle clasp, chest clasp and basic back plate can be combined virtually as desired and can be interconnected safely and without graduation using push-pull adapters.

Optimised fit is the basis for high patient compliance and motivation for the patient to wear the brace over the therapeutically required period until the brace is discarded.

Can be downgraded module-based - from the frame brace to the basic back support

Depending on the indicated course of therapy, the stable plastic elements of the BORT DorsoFX can be downgraded to a functional lumbar basic back support with just a few grips. From a therapeutic view, this opens a functional mobilisation of the thoracic segments.

Study – function and effectiveness

Within the scope of a study by the Spine Institute ProSpine, the stabilisation function of the BORT DorsoFX back brace was checked and confirmed. You can download this study here. 

We would also be happy to send you the study upon request.