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  • Article No. 100 350

BORT Air Walker short

- Brace for the immobilisation of the lower leg and foot region in the specified position
- Short design
- Ergonomisches Design und komfortable Bedienbarkeit der beiden integrierten und einzeln regulierbaren Luftpolster
- Therapieunterstützende Laufsohle mit sehr guter Abrolleigenschaft
- Adjustable toe protection guards

COLOUR: grey

- Short design on the lower leg
- 2-Chamber-AirSystem for integration and stabilisation of foot and ankle joint
- Includes 2 understockings
  • Pre- or postoperative/post-traumatic immobilisation of the forefoot and the midfoot
  • metatarsal fracture
  • soft tissue injuries
  • sprains
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BORT Air Walker short


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