The following information does not replace a physician’s diagnosis and advice under any circumstances whatsoever.

Venous disorder – a widespread disease: Pay attention to changes

Venous disorder is a widespread disease in current times. Roughly every fourth person is affected. Vein weakness is very often hereditary. Further causes include lack of exercise, overweightness and weak connective tissue.

Initial symptoms of vein weakness can include:

1. Tired and heavy legs
2. Leg itching or tension
3. Pain after long walks and when standing

The symptoms are normally stronger in the evening than in the morning and abate when you put your legs up. Only your physician can make the diagnosis following an examination.

When the veins strike

During the course of time, veins can lose stability and become damaged. The consequence would be venous valves which no longer close correctly, causing the blood to congest in the veins.

Compression therapy: Proven and effective

As with so many diseases, there is no one single correct treatment here. However, the fact of the matter is: wearing medical compression stockings is the basic therapy for venous diseases.

Medical compression stockings help to support the natural function of the veins in the long-term to hinder progression of the venous disorder. This supports the work of the muscle-vein pump and the blood flow to the heart. Simultaneously, the pressure exercised on the leg by the stocking is reduced from the bottom to the top.

Medical compression stockings are available in various compression categories. Your physician decides which is the most suitable for you. At the first sign of vein weakness, wearing medical compression stockings can help to hinder worsening. Compression therapy also supports the vein function in the advanced stages of the disease.

For active living with healthy veins:

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