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BORT Valco® SOFT Hallux-Valgus-Splint

- Textile Hallux Valgus Brace for corrective or postoperative stabilisation of the large toe and the metatarsophalangeal joint
- Side reinforcement splint and plantar splay foot pad
- Can be fully opened using the Vecro fastener
- Additional toe straps for correction of the 2nd - 5th toes

COLOUR: black

- Easy to adapt, also on bandages
- Very comfortable to wear due to soft padded material
- Low material thickness and individual adjustment options
- Can also be worn during the daytime and at night
REF930 030

PediSoft® TexLine Hallux Pad

- For pressure relief on the metacarpophalangeal joint in shoes
- Skin-friendly in shoes
- Non-slip in shoes
- Contents: 1 piece 
REF137 030

PediSoft® TexLine Forefoot/Hallux Pad

- For the simultaneous relief of pressure in the forefoot and ball area
- Surrounds the ball of the foot and the metacarpophalangeal joint softly
- Contents: 1 pair
REF137 040

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