Generation Osteoporosis Brace

For better mobility for the aged

For better mobility and everyday quality of life:

The BORT Generation Osteoporosis Brace

BORT’s comprehensive full product range provides supports and braces for a wide range of indications. Both in their handling and product design, the BORT Generation Series products are specifically developed for people with movement impairments or restricted gripping ability. The supports and braces are really easy to fit and take off, pleasant and comfortable to wear and stabilise and relieve the joints.
The new BORT Generation Osteoporosis brace is suitable for effective osteoporosis treatment. In accordance with the rucksack principle, the activating back brace strengthens the torso muscles, thus ensuring active straightening of the spine.
With top support and comfort
The BORT Generation Osteoporosis brace enables its users to move more safely and freely in everyday life. A stabilising, individually adaptable aluminium splint in the back area and a strap system, which is easy to handle, ensure this.
Individually adjustable shoulder straps enable optimum fitting of the brace, making it comfortable to wear. The proven guide mechanism on the shoulder straps eases putting it on and taking it off, whilst ensuring stepless adjustment without expending much force. The breathable material makes the product very comfortable to wear.

Therefore, the BORT Generation Osteoporosis brace increases mobility and simplifies everyday activities.


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