BORT TaloXpress

Ankle joint brace for stabilisation of the upper and lower ankle joint

In the midst of healthy life: BORT TaloXpress

The new BORT TaloXpress ankle joint brace is suitable for stabilisation of the upper and ankle joints. The combination of an anatomically pre-moulded brace shell and individually adjustable restraint guidance enables its users safe, painless movement in everyday life.

Improved functional safety and easy handling

Four functional restraints, which are easy to handle, facilitate putting it on and enable individual adjustment of the desired degree of stabilisation. The interaction of these functional elements here results in the safe support of the ligaments and ankle joints.

Effective stabilisation with top wearing comfort

The very low self-weight of the brace shell and its slim design enable easy wearing of the BORT TaloXpress in shoes. Its non-elastic restraints ensure high wearing comfort with their individually adjustable degree of stability. Therefore, the brace increases mobility and simplifies everyday activities.

BORT TaloXpress

- Ankle joint brace for stabilisation of the upper and lower ankle joint
- Stabilisation degree adjustable using restraints
- Very thin and slim construction
- Can be worn in shoes without any problems
- Effective stabilisation of the ankle joint and very comfortable to wear

COLOUR: grey

- Can be fully opened, therefore easy to put on and simplest handling
- High stabilisation combined with low self-weight thanks to ultra-modern material
- Lightweight and slim structure for good wearing comfort
REF053 900

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