DAFO workshops

We offer one-day DAFO workshops.

Course targets:
The participants are taught the basics of the BORT Cascade DAFO System and shown the most common application options.

The workshop is divided in four levels:


  1. Patients’ medical history
  2. Selection of the correct brace
  3. Optimisation of the braces
  4. Plaster technique aids

The participants are taught to understand the biomechanics of the foot and ankle as well as the influences and effects of DAFO braces in this context. Within the scope of the medical history, the assessment of patients is practised using video analysis. The target is the ideal selection of the DAFO model with the best possible effect for the patient. The participants familiarise themselves with the various support options and their effects on the gait as well as improvements on the patient’s foot, ankle joint and knee. The result of this is the production of a plaster negative with an ideal functional position.

Participation in the DAFO workshops is naturally free of charge.

Do you have any preliminary questions concerning the DAFO workshops? Please feel free to contact us. We will deal with your concern as fast as possible.

Current DAFO workshop dates

Currently there are no events.